Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blog Cycle : Day 1

Hello all my viewers out there this is for all of my viewers out there who want to start blogging. I’m going to let you follow me while I blog in real time and teach you how to get 100 visitors looking at your blog a day. I know you are probably wondering how that will benefit you but think about it if you have 100 visitors a day coming to your blog you are going to make something happen. Suppose you had your phone number up on your site for your network marketing business or ads on your site that will make you money from people clicking on them and a facebook add me button well my lucky number is 1000 meaning you have to have 1000 people view your site or blog before you can expect anything that’s my ratio that should be yours too if every 1000 impressions isn’t getting you any type of interaction on your blog or website you should think twice and make your content more appealing around every 1000 views should get you some type of reaction. It's ok if it's a little bit more than 1000 but around every 1000 views should get you an interaction. So you can take notes on what I do or you don't have to at all it's not complicated It's a good chance that you already know how to do this but you didn't realize that it was this useful. But back to my example that I was giving. What if you had a facebook add me , advertisements from a publisher and your phone number you are most likely going to get some type of reaction the one you will most likely get action from is the facebook add me widget. If people come to your blog and add you as a that right there can be someone who keeps on you where abouts so if you when if you make another web site he'll be right there and that person can keep up with the things that you got going on coming to your site which makes you ad revenue on impressions or that person can be a prospect or a lead for any online business that you want to pursue.The second reaction you’ll probably get is people calling your phone which is a step better than that and if you are a good, relate-able, down to earth person that person will most likely join you in whatever home based business opportunity that you have going. The last reaction you’ll probably get is people that will actually click on ads and I’m not trying to say that affiliate marketing doesn’t work because most advertiser companies will pay you for everytime that an ad get an impression on your page but it’s just not usually as much as clicks are but anyways follow my blog cycle and I’m going to show you everything I do for this blog and by the way this is my first official blog post for my new blog cycle series. I want you to find one specific key word that you want to target and do what I just did then I need you to write 9 sentences about it and that will be your post for today.

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