Social Media Strategy

  Hi My fellow bloggers it's me again that friendly money this is just another page for all of you guys who are new to marketing online.  There are many of other ways to market besides blogging like social media networking, paid to click advertising, and payperclick advertising. Do these names sound familiar to you do they ring any sort of bells when you hear them?

Have you ever heard of paper click advertisingPayperclick advertising can make things happen for you faster if you know the correct keywords. Keywords are basically search terms that people commonly look up. I have my ways of finding out popular search terms.  With this resource you end up paying for every time your ad gets clicked or viewed. It's 5 cent a click or 1 dollar a click, most people arrange the pay per click rate to be whatever the average click price is. Most times If your subject matter has to deal with a topic that gets a lot of web site traffic on the search engines it's gonna cost you more for each click making the topic of home business and making money online can cost you a few dollars per click subject matters like music and entertainment can cost you pennies. Pay per click advertising is important because it helps you reach your target audience through keyword usage. There are many different places that will let you set up an ad campaign through them but the best place as far the best cheap prices and cost effectiveness is an ad network called adclick. Payper click advertising gives the consumer to click through and see your page instead of paying them  to view your web site or opportunity.

You can also pay people to view your website or opportunity through paid to click websites such as clickcents. Click Cents is a company that allows you to make money from clicking on ads. When you accumulate the money on Click Cents you can either cash in and receive your money  by check in the mail or pay pal or you can spend your money towards ad credits.  If you chose the ad credits portion this would be the method you use to advertise your opportunity or blog with. Click Cents allows you to advertise to 1000 people at a time for 12 dollars. When they view your ad they will make a penny they have view the advertisement for 30 seconds. This option is a good affordable solution for an advertising solution and less time consuming because doing things the manual way can take you months.

Have you ever heard of social media networking? It has to do with marketing through social media networks. One of the schemes that I found to be the most useful in terms of teaching you how to market using  the internet is Social Media Toolkit. They put you on the road and by getting you the best format and regiment as well as teach you how to take advantage of the best social networking strategies. This company and resource also helps you with blogging  but I wouldn't recommend learning how to blog from them. They aren't bad but they aren't great neither just not enough teaching to help you learn how to blog, just not complexed enough. If you sign up then you are better off calling me if you need any help putting together a blog. I even have a consultant that the company gives me help and she isn't too good at blogging so you get the picture don't expect to learn how to blog from this toolkit. Social Media Toolkit breaks down Facebook twitter and Youtube into a science easy enough for a kindergärtner to understand. It's the best thing for someone who to sign up for someone who is new to trying to make money online. The best thing about them is when you join you get the chance market this product to others you can use the skills that they teach you to market there product. So if you are serious about making money online you can use experience as a  learning tool and start out small.  I personally had to learn the hard way not to just jump into a network marketing opportunity I jumped into a network marketing company a year ago that wasn't at all worth because my up line leader didn't teach me at all how to market. This particular company didn't show me how to blog and didn't teach me how market using social networks instead they expected me to tell my friends and family. This move I would say was the worst mistake I ever made. Network Marketing is a numbers game as I said in previous posts. You should market whatever your trying to market to a thousand people before you can expect a lead.  I don't even have close 1000 friends and relatives that I know.  You must learn to crawl before you can walk and that's exactly what the  Social Media Toolkit allows you to do.Whoever signs up for this program under you will make you money on a monthly recurring basis you get half of what they pay every month. Social Media Toolkit automatically gives you a consultant that talk to the people who sign up through you that way you never have to speak to them if you don't want to. Social Media Toolkit has many plans that you can sign up for chose the one that is more appropriate for you.

For now these are the best opportunities out if I find more I'll update you. Keep checking out my blog to stay informed.