Friday, April 30, 2010

Blog Cycle: Day 8

Today was a straight day I finally realized how to upload images on blogger and adjust the font which is ridiculous that it took me so long but whatever. I did a little research and observation on my Commission Junction account and found out that it's better to advertise using lead generation programs and more effective. Starting tomorrow I'm going to start testing which of my Commission Junction Programs prove to be more successful and make a list. Those are the advertisements that I'm going to stick with in the future. Commission Junction is the largest affiliate based company in the United States. They pay you for every purchase and lead you refer through their network of stores and companies etc. It's something to consider when you get a good amount of traffic to your web site or blog but you have to be bringing in a ton of traffic. I mean in most occasions a lot of traffic you have to see at least one thousand impressions to see 1 click and you are going to need hell of a lot more than one click in order to see money on your web site or blog. This goes back to what I said at the beginning of this blog cycle entry. You always want to put 1000 people in front of whatever you want to put them in front of whether its ads or a new network marketing opportunity that you want them to join and you want them to call your phone number. If 1000 doesn't do the trick then, it's time to start trying to examine what you can do to change your outcome. I hope my blog is helping you a little bit I'm going to be posting every day I might miss a day once in awhile but this type of behavior isn't encouraged and remember type a post to your blog every day. Stay tuned I'm going to have many more posts and I'm even going to have videos showing you the cycle of putting together a blog with a few tips here and there and we will see how many consistent impressions I get on a daily basis.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blog Cycle: Day 7

Hay guys it’s been a week since i started this Blog Cycle. Thank you again for following me but I've been a little busy for the past day or two especially since I have a second blog. The prime objective on my list is to drive traffic to my main blog by going to other peoples blogs and leaving comments. Sometimes I even go to forums and leave comments. Most blog pages usually let you put back links to your blog web site etc whatever you are trying to promote. Your URL usually gets linked to your username that way. I've been doing that for the past two days hard and heavy and it's somewhat safe to say that it helped a tad bit. I'm still getting over 150 impressions a day on my Google analytics but I need more but at the same time I made a record amount of money. I didn't do much today I went to the bank to deposit money that's about it. Today i don't plan on doing anything but drive traffic. If you have a blog make sure it's set to do follow so the search engines find you easier and realize that this is your blog all you people who use twitter and post updates on twitter but are bad at writing paragraphs. Just write what you'd write on twitter into your blog. If you have any questions please leave a comment. It's been me your friendly blogger Misfit Marx signing off again. Leave me a comment if you dare I won't bite.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blog Cycle: Day 6

Please forgive me for taking so long to post what I did was completely unacceptable if you want traffic you must blog everyday at least in the beginning. Today I ran into some problems I went to the library but by time I got home and turned on my computer it had a virus. So I re jotted my memory and thought back to what happened and all I remembered was that some machine wanted access to my computer and I accepted and pressed o.k. I don't know what I was thinking and also when I think back there was some teenager in back of me using his computer and he wasn't there when I first sat down but as I think about it I think he transferred a virus onto my computer. This truly aggravated me because I had to spend 80 dollars that I shouldn't have had to spend but my computers fixed now. On the lighter note I went in my backyard and seen a turkey that came out of nowhere. I know everything I just told you was random but this was just to give you a heads up and realize what I went through today. I should have still posted on my blog and I'm mad that I took so long to come up with an entry. In the future don't do what I did if you have a new blog that you want to be seen you have to blog every day. The stunt I pulled today was totally unacceptable. I hope you are posting your blog posts at least every day. I promise you if you follow my lead you will get the opportunity to trap hundreds of prospects. If you are following this blog cycle continuously give yourself a pat on the back but don't get too happy you have a long time until you start getting page visitors. Please check back tomorrow or later because I'm going to put new posts and at least once a day. Good luck and God bless you

Monday, April 26, 2010

Blog Cycle: Day 5

Hi people what’s up this my day 5 of my blog cycle entry. Just in case you forgot the whole meaning of this blog cycle is to show you how being consistent and posting a lot of content can get you a spot on the search engines with a ton of visits. Most people trying to make money online fail because they don't know how to market online. Online blogging is the best way to attract customers in my opinion. The more content the better the chances are of you getting found on the search engines. Today I did some blogging but my blog still seems to be in the sand whole for my niche. I'm not sure how this happened all I know is one day I was number 3 then my blog was gone. It couldn't be found for any of the key words I don't know what’s up with that nut when I find out I'll let you know. Did you put up a blog post today? This was my blog entry for Day 5 of this blog cycle.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blog Cycle: Day 4

What is good everybody, this today wasn't a bad day for me I finished up making changes to my online store on one of my blogs. I hope you are following along and doing what I do because that's my objective for this cycle blog to show people step by step how you can get a spot on the search engines with a simple blogger blog. One thing I'm happy about is my Amazon Affiliate stats going up day by day I had 8 clicks today I know that's not a lot but what you have to understand is that monetizing your website or blog is a numbers game aka a blog cycle. At first it was 2 or three clicks every week but lately it's been clicks on a daily basis yesterday I had a good 2 or 3 clicks in a day. I'm just constantly altering my blog and making changes to my blog space to make my stats go up. If I've learned anything from having my own spot on the internet it's impressions convert into clicks convert in to money or sales and you need a whole lot of clicks to make a sale. I seen somebodies link share account and that person seemed to have an estimate of 39,000 clicks from 100 thousand impressions with EPC of over 160 he made over 60,000 dollars in his link share account. Link share is like Commission Junction a site that pays you every time an advertiser gets a sale for an item or a lead. My Commission Junction Stats are slowly increasing on a daily basis it's kind of cool I would say. The blog that I'm referring to is the blog that makes 100 visitors a day. This blog hasn't gotten that big yet but hopefully it will as I keep watering it and praying that it will grow. I put a whole lot of passion into my blogs whether you believe it or not even though some entries might come out bland. I know what my goal is and what I'm trying to achieve ultimately. If you wanna reach me and have any questions on gaining people to check out your blog post you can advertise to them I'm your man without a doubt and you can send me a message or call me.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Blog Cycle : Day 3 My Day and my experience from blogging and using videos

What's up bloggers I still didn't add Google Analytics to this blog.Google Analytics is a tracking software to see how many people visit your web site or blog. I know that I don't have too many followers on just the third day that I started it but any ways today was a good day for me I just added a store to one of my blogs and I'm already starting to see activity in on it with Amazons Affiliate program they let there affiliates have their very own store and market their products while receiving a commission. I had a few visitors today which are a good sign. All I have to do is get 1000 people checking out my MP3's because right now in my store all I'm selling MP3's but eventually I'll probably sell more stuff up there. The page still isn't 100 percent done. If you have been reading my blog cycle posts I hope you are typing content to post on your blog because the more keywords the search engine can find you by the better. This blog cycle demonstration is help that you would most likely pay an affiliate marketing guru to teach you but I'm walking you through this blog cycling process so follow everything I do and watch it every day. My Youtube account doesn't even get as many visitors as my blog posts so all of you people who think making videos will get you rich quicker think again. Making videos will help you out but in my opinion your best resource is your keyboard and what little ability you have to type paragraphs and put together a blog post. Typing blog posts like this one will attract your prospects to the site and a good video will sustain them but at the same time if you make a popular video in your subject and link it to your blog it can help you get to the top of the search engines a whole lot quicker. You should stay consistent both written blogs and blog videos.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blog Cycle : Day 2

It's me again Misfit Marx just staying true to what I do showing you step by step how I blog. As you can see I'm not the best at writing persuasive paragraphs or essays this is just to make you see what blogging is about and to make you realize with consistency this can be done. I'm gonna post blogs everyday that are at least nine sentences long. Try to give your readers value if you can but if you can't then at least try to make a blog to the best of your ability. Growing up I never was good at writing essays or paragraphs and look at what I'm doing now. I use to think the best way to get people to check out your your opportunity was to make videos but now that I'm older and more experienced I realized that what makes people get to the top of the search engines is writing blogs not unless you have a really entertaining video like suppose a spontaneous accident or a video of someone seeing big foot in real life for the first time. Most likely nobody has those type of videos and most of us aren't entertainer and even if you are an entertainer how do you think your gonna get to the top of the search engines or even on the search engines without marketing yourself online. some of the best music I ever heard was from artists who are hard to find on the You-tube search engines. Just because you are a good entertainer doesn't mean that you are gonna get to the top of the search engines or get views because you aren't the only good entertainer online. You have to stay humble and be consistent and learn search engine strategies to help you be seen. One of the best thing you can do is make a blog like I'm doing right now. I'm telling you if you can get 100 visitors a day imagine how many people are gonna view that video and let me tell you it's possible that everyone won't view that video but most people will. Blogging is essential and I hope you are following my blog cycle some might even call it a network marketing journal but to see what you can possibly do in a month. I want you to type a nine sentence paragraph today on what you wanna blog about. Just follow as I do online and do what I do and whatever success I get you shouldn't be 2 far from and If you need any Ideas for keywords just call me and my phone number in (203)903-0309.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blog Cycle : Day 1

Hello all my viewers out there this is for all of my viewers out there who want to start blogging. I’m going to let you follow me while I blog in real time and teach you how to get 100 visitors looking at your blog a day. I know you are probably wondering how that will benefit you but think about it if you have 100 visitors a day coming to your blog you are going to make something happen. Suppose you had your phone number up on your site for your network marketing business or ads on your site that will make you money from people clicking on them and a facebook add me button well my lucky number is 1000 meaning you have to have 1000 people view your site or blog before you can expect anything that’s my ratio that should be yours too if every 1000 impressions isn’t getting you any type of interaction on your blog or website you should think twice and make your content more appealing around every 1000 views should get you some type of reaction. It's ok if it's a little bit more than 1000 but around every 1000 views should get you an interaction. So you can take notes on what I do or you don't have to at all it's not complicated It's a good chance that you already know how to do this but you didn't realize that it was this useful. But back to my example that I was giving. What if you had a facebook add me , advertisements from a publisher and your phone number you are most likely going to get some type of reaction the one you will most likely get action from is the facebook add me widget. If people come to your blog and add you as a that right there can be someone who keeps on you where abouts so if you when if you make another web site he'll be right there and that person can keep up with the things that you got going on coming to your site which makes you ad revenue on impressions or that person can be a prospect or a lead for any online business that you want to pursue.The second reaction you’ll probably get is people calling your phone which is a step better than that and if you are a good, relate-able, down to earth person that person will most likely join you in whatever home based business opportunity that you have going. The last reaction you’ll probably get is people that will actually click on ads and I’m not trying to say that affiliate marketing doesn’t work because most advertiser companies will pay you for everytime that an ad get an impression on your page but it’s just not usually as much as clicks are but anyways follow my blog cycle and I’m going to show you everything I do for this blog and by the way this is my first official blog post for my new blog cycle series. I want you to find one specific key word that you want to target and do what I just did then I need you to write 9 sentences about it and that will be your post for today.