Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blog Cycle: Day 4

What is good everybody, this today wasn't a bad day for me I finished up making changes to my online store on one of my blogs. I hope you are following along and doing what I do because that's my objective for this cycle blog to show people step by step how you can get a spot on the search engines with a simple blogger blog. One thing I'm happy about is my Amazon Affiliate stats going up day by day I had 8 clicks today I know that's not a lot but what you have to understand is that monetizing your website or blog is a numbers game aka a blog cycle. At first it was 2 or three clicks every week but lately it's been clicks on a daily basis yesterday I had a good 2 or 3 clicks in a day. I'm just constantly altering my blog and making changes to my blog space to make my stats go up. If I've learned anything from having my own spot on the internet it's impressions convert into clicks convert in to money or sales and you need a whole lot of clicks to make a sale. I seen somebodies link share account and that person seemed to have an estimate of 39,000 clicks from 100 thousand impressions with EPC of over 160 he made over 60,000 dollars in his link share account. Link share is like Commission Junction a site that pays you every time an advertiser gets a sale for an item or a lead. My Commission Junction Stats are slowly increasing on a daily basis it's kind of cool I would say. The blog that I'm referring to is the blog that makes 100 visitors a day. This blog hasn't gotten that big yet but hopefully it will as I keep watering it and praying that it will grow. I put a whole lot of passion into my blogs whether you believe it or not even though some entries might come out bland. I know what my goal is and what I'm trying to achieve ultimately. If you wanna reach me and have any questions on gaining people to check out your blog post you can advertise to them I'm your man without a doubt and you can send me a message or call me.

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