Friday, April 23, 2010

Blog Cycle : Day 3 My Day and my experience from blogging and using videos

What's up bloggers I still didn't add Google Analytics to this blog.Google Analytics is a tracking software to see how many people visit your web site or blog. I know that I don't have too many followers on just the third day that I started it but any ways today was a good day for me I just added a store to one of my blogs and I'm already starting to see activity in on it with Amazons Affiliate program they let there affiliates have their very own store and market their products while receiving a commission. I had a few visitors today which are a good sign. All I have to do is get 1000 people checking out my MP3's because right now in my store all I'm selling MP3's but eventually I'll probably sell more stuff up there. The page still isn't 100 percent done. If you have been reading my blog cycle posts I hope you are typing content to post on your blog because the more keywords the search engine can find you by the better. This blog cycle demonstration is help that you would most likely pay an affiliate marketing guru to teach you but I'm walking you through this blog cycling process so follow everything I do and watch it every day. My Youtube account doesn't even get as many visitors as my blog posts so all of you people who think making videos will get you rich quicker think again. Making videos will help you out but in my opinion your best resource is your keyboard and what little ability you have to type paragraphs and put together a blog post. Typing blog posts like this one will attract your prospects to the site and a good video will sustain them but at the same time if you make a popular video in your subject and link it to your blog it can help you get to the top of the search engines a whole lot quicker. You should stay consistent both written blogs and blog videos.

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