Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blog Cycle: Day 9

Hell everyone thanks again everyone for coming to my blog cycle it flatters me a lot that you would have decency to come checkout me of all people. Today i recorded some videos that i'm going to be adding to my Youtube account real soon. I recorded my videos on my afternoon walk that I usually take I don't really need it I'm plenty in shape but I just do it to clear my mind. The walk is usually a mile long. My other blog is at a steady pace I need to elevate it . Part of the reason I would say because this blog just happen to get taken off the search engine last week. This truly does upset me because it only makes things harder for me to find a target audience. I'm gonna continue with the blog because I still have an audience but it still stresses me out. I'm guessing that I got kicked off or filtered for using too much of a certain key word o well. I'm gonna try to get put on for another key word or two. Don't forget check me out online at this blog everyday or call me at 203 297 0165.


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