Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blog Cycle: Day 10 I'm back sorry it's been so long

Hi what's up I've been busy and have things in the wood works that I'm working on. I'm planning on making another blog. It's gonna have to deal with the new Tax Preparation company that I'm gonna be dealing with. I'm gonna try to start the blog soon perhaps maybe by the end of this month. The blog will probably have a lot of videos embedded into it but at the same time not too many just something to stay consistent with and attract viewers. I might not start the blog out with a feed or I might I'm not sure which would be the best. As you can see this is my 10th entry I skipped a few days which I don't recommend to any blogger. The key to blogging is consistency but the reason I kept this blog on the back burner is because my other blog was my main focus. My other blog has been getting over 100 visits a day but for some reason it's starting to fail which has had me on edge for the past few days but I'm not even going to sweat it, I'm gonna fix it up and make into a blog site worth visiting and I might even change the name.I'm never gonna quit blogging. I'm either gonna get make money from doing this or go hungry because working a 9 to 5 isn't really for me. I will work a 9 to 5 depending on the job but I rather work for myself. Like I said in the past blog everyday and stay consistent and what you also want to do is go to other blogs and leave comments this is a method that the top bloggers use to drive a ton of traffic to there blog or website.

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